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Comfort of the morning in a chair, a tree in cherry orchard, the painter was in a creative intuition. Garden, envelop it, represented himself, the splendor of natural beauty, which descends into the trees, the spring bloom at times. It is difficult to convey in words, that in those moments contemplating a sophisticated observer and that he felt his heart experienced life. And with a sudden gust of wind that wrecked white "snow" cherry-branches, delicate paint anxious butterflies, their wings painted in the imagination of the artist painting MAESTRO ...

The painting was created in spring 2009. Oil paint on canvas laid down on the highest quality. Screen Format: Width - 150 cm height - 70 cm This product boasts the author. Painting can be purchased framed or baguette frame just like a painting.

Many of Anatolia Bruno are in the collections of fans and connoisseurs of painting, in Russia, Germany, France, Mexico, USA. The painting "Maestro", decorate the house any admirer of fine arts and enrich the collection of any connoisseur of painting. (Beta version)

Картина маслом на холсте изображающая мальчика скрипача в цветущем вишневом саду
Картина "Маэстро"
Год: 2009 г.
Размер: 150 х 70 см.
Техника: масло, холст
Сюжет: весна вишня мистический скрипач
Цена: 6000 €
Заказ картины: "Маэстро"
Начало весны, у ворот старого дома стоит пара лошадей, девочка кормит их с рук.Весна в старом городе

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