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Subject composition

The small number of works in the genre compositions can be attributed to rigor and academic painting style of the artist, which is a form of creative self-censorship. However, when Anatoly Bruno concedes the onslaught of creative inspiration, his painterly brush creates a work of art.

Presented paintings by the artist is not a complete collection of his paintings are executed in the genre of narrative composition. For a long time, all he has created and purchased by admirers of his talent had no vital need in the photographic archive. So here are only the latest of his paintings. For the convenience of size perception, pictures, placed on a single page gallery, have a real proportions to each other.

All works on canvas, high quality oil paints and can be purchased framed or baguette Ramah as a painting. Many of Anatolia Bruno are in the collections of amateurs and connoisseurs of art, both in Russia and in Europe. His paintings, his "creative imagination" decorate the house any admirer of fine arts and enrich the collection of any connoisseur of painting. ( )

Old Town Spring

City Ekaterinodar, cobblestones, old tree with bare branches, the arch into the courtyard, delicate tie of the iron gates, two horses, a girl in a dark-red velvet gown, warm autumn day Ekaterinodar.

Artwork oil on canvas, 2008 year
Size: 60 x 31 inches
Price: 10000 Euro


Painting oil on canvas: Flowering Cherry, who plays the violin boy, wind, flying flowers of cherry and butterflies. And they all have an invisible MAESTRO.

Artwork oil on canvas, 2009 year
Size: 60 x 28 inches
Price: 6000 Euro

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2009-2011 ArtBruno. Any images paintings is owned by A.Bruno.

2011 Kostritsyn Y. Descriptions of the paintings.

Subject composition by the artist A. Bruno this is a wonderful fantasy, where the associativity takes perfection.
Paintings on sale tel. +(7) 918-694-4484 (Anatoliy Bruno), c. Krasnodar, Russia.
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