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Description painting "Melody Spring"

The painting depicts a snow-covered yard of the Cossack village with Cossack of standing by the fence. This Cossack holds of two horses by the bridle and waiting his friend. The condition of a yard cossack, may is to guess even covered in snow. It causing a depressing feeling of sadness and abandonment.

In the courtyard you can see the small and rather old hut. Its appearance snow-covered yard of the Cossack talks about his orphans the imminent lonely. Is not doubt that the host or hostess this of the yard is old man and will soon leave the world forever. Probably, this a Cossack which visited this yard was a friend of their son ... . These yards in village of the cossacks can still be see in the Kuban. This painting is the best example of the how brush of sadness draws high artwork.

This is the painting painted natural oil on loose Quality Linen canvas. The frame not included in price.

Many paintings Anatoly Bruno are in the collections of amateurs and connoisseurs of pictorial art, in Russia, in Germany, France, USA, Mexico. His painting a "Village Cossacks" created for decorate the house and for any admirer of fine arts she enrich his the collection. (version 0.9)

Painting oil on canvas 'Melody Spring'
Painting "Melody Spring"
Year: 2008
Size: Super Large, 40 by 32 inches
Medium: oil paint on canvas
Suject: flowers, irises, lilac
Price: 1000 €
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Fragment picture 'Melody Spring'

A fragment of the painting

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