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Description of the painting "Winter village Derbentskoy"

Painting born in the 2007 year. (2011 Y.Kostritsyn. Description painting)

Oil painting 'Winter village derbentskoy'
Painting "Winter village Derbentskoy"
Year: 2009
Size: Medium/Classic, 27 by 20 inches
Medium: oil paint on canvas
Suject: village winter old house
Price: 500 €
Sale painting "Winter village Derbentskoy"
A sample brush strokes of the artist, painting 'Winter village Derbentskoy'

A fragment of the painting

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2009-2011 ArtBruno. Any image painting "Winter village derbentskoy" is owned by A. Bruno.

2011 Y. Kostricyn. Description painting.

Landscape pictures of the artist A.Bruno. The beatifull paintings: mountains and river, pine, sunrise and sunset ...
Paintings on sale: tel. +79186944484 Anatoliy Bruno, c.Krasnodar, Russia.
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