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Description of the oil painting "Flowers of Sun"

This is the painting of still life born in the 2008 year. (2011 ©Y.Kostritsyn. Description painting still life.)

Painting of still life in which seventeen white roses gently bent over ripe quince
Painting "Flowers of Sun"
Year: 2009
Size: Large, 27 by 20 inches
Medium: oil paint on canvas
Suject: still life, apples, roses, chamomile
Price: 1000 €
Sale painting "Flowers of Sun"
Sample of the brush strokes in the oil painting on canvas 'White roses with a quince'

Enlarged fragment of the painting

Saturated still life with grapes, pomegranates, persimmons, walnuts and white roses. Painting oil on canvas.Still Life with white roses Painting of still life in which seventeen white roses gently bent over ripe quince. Painting on canvas.White roses with a quince The bouquets of the beautiful roses and of the delicate orchids in vases from glass. Painting oil on canvas.Roses and orchids The extremely beautiful still life with fruits. In this painting have all things: grapes, pears, peaches, plums, cherries, daisies and pitcher red wine!Still Life with daisies Still Life with Flowers and Fruits - white and red roses, plums. Artist painting drawed by larger  strokes of the brush.Magic of the sun We can say that this painting is a modern still life dutch. In the still life painting wonderful balance of color between three drapery.Still Life with pomegranates

2009-2011 ©ArtBruno. Any image painting "Flowers of Sun" is owned by A. Bruno.

2011 ©Y. Kostricyn. Description painting.

Photography still life of museum quality from of the artist A.Bruno.
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